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Trump survived the impeachment proceedings, know why proposal couldn’t passed



Photo of Donald Trump[Instagram]
Photo of Donald Trump[Instagram]

Former US President Donald Trump has once again escaped impeachment proceedings. The impeachment brought against him in the US Senate for the second time within a year has not been passed. As per a leading daily report, two-thirds of the votes needed to pass impeachment, ie 67 out of 100 votes were needed, but Democrats were unable to muster this number.

The report said that only 57 votes were cast in favor of impeachment. He is supported by 43 members of Trump’s party Republicans, while seven have voted against Trump. Mitch Maconel, one of the MPs supporting Trump, said Trump was no longer president, so impeaching him is against the constitution. However, he has also warned the former president to be accountable in court.

Donald Trump

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The impeachment motion was brought against Trump on January 6, holding Trump responsible for the violence in Capital Hill. The motion was referred to the upper house after it was passed in the lower house of the House of Representatives. Donald Trump will be the first President of the US against whom impeachment was brought after he stepped down. Earlier, he was impeached last year as well. But that too was not passed.

When the motion for impeachment was not passed, President Biden said that even though impeachment was not passed, the allegations against him in the resolution were factual. Those who voted against it also considered Trump the moral responsible for the capital violence. If the impeachment was passed, Trump would be disqualified for the future and would not be able to contest the future presidential election.

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