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The impeachment trial started on Donald Trump, the former President’s lawyer argued saying unconstitutional



Photo of Donald Trump[Instagram]
Photo of Donald Trump[Instagram]

The impeachment trial against former US President Donald Trump has begun in the Senate. As per a leading daily report, the voting to start this trial has 44 votes against 56. Trump’s lawyer rejected it. The lawyer has clarified the reason for the impeachment process as unconstitutional.

As per the report, during the voting in the Senate, six Republican Party MPs have also voted in favor of impeachment against Trump. During this trial, Trump’s lawyer called it unconstitutional, saying that now Donald Trump is not holding any office and is a common citizen and the US constitution does not allow impeachment of any common citizen.

Photo of Donald Trump[Instagram]

Photo of Donald Trump[Instagram]

Trump’s counsel further argued that Trump had not instigated the violent disturbance at the ‘Capital Building’ on 6 January 2021. On the other hand, against Trump in impeachment, Democrats are presenting the video as evidence in which Trump asked his supporters to unite against the result that came after the presidential election last year. In the video mentioned, Trump supporters are seen committing violence in the capital building.

The report further stated that Trump would require a two-thirds majority to serve any form of punishment. Regarding this impeachment, Democrats say that Trump will be disqualified for the future. However, looking at the situation, it seems that the former President may have to wait a long time to act.


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