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US warns China for human rights abuses, Biden said – ‘will have to pay for it’



Photo of Joe Biden and Xi Jinping[Twitter]
Photo of Joe Biden and Xi Jinping[Twitter]

The US has warned China strongly on the issue of human rights abuses. US President Joe Biden said that the US would stand against human rights abuses and that China is fully aware of this. As per a leading daily report, Biden made the statement at CNN Town Hall. Where they have also discussed about vaccine related plans in the US.

Biden said that China would have to pay a huge price for human rights abuses. He further said that he said during a phone conversation with Chinese President Xi Chinfing that China is striving to become a world guru but for that it will have to win the trust of other countries and as long as they continue to engage in activities against human rights. This goal will be difficult for them. He made his stand clear that the United States and the United Nations and other agencies will raise their voice in favor of human rights.

Joe Biden

Photo of Joe Biden[Twitter]

Biden further shared details about the vaccine’s plans in the United States and the process of making it public. According to Biden, by the end of July this year, the corona vaccine will be widely available to the general public. Biden further stated that by the end of July, the US will have more than 600 million corona vaccine doses. He also claimed that ‘next Christmas’ in the United States could be everything in common.

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