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Defense Minister Rajnath Singh made a statement on the India-China border dispute, said- ‘Tension ceases, Chinese soldiers will retreat’



Photo of Rajnath Singh[Twitter]
Photo of Rajnath Singh[Twitter]

Today, Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has given a big statement regarding the ongoing dispute between India and China. The Defense Minister said that the border tension which had been continuing for the past several months has now ended. After this, the deadlock between the Indian and Chinese army near the LAC in Ladakh has also come to an end. Rajnath Singh has told this information to everyone in the Rajya Sabha today.

The defense minister further said that India-China has now reached an agreement with LAC on the ongoing dispute regarding Pangong Lake. Under which the forces of both countries will be withdrawn. He further said that both the countries are negotiating at the military and political level since September last year. Pangong Lake is now compromised to the south and north.

While giving further information, Rajnath Singh said that even after this, a meeting between the two countries will be held within 48 hours. India will be on Finger 3 and China Finger 8. This process will also take place on the northern border. Rajnath further said that the LAC will now be restored to the status before April 2020 and the patrolling will resume after the agreement. According to the Defense Minister, patrolling will not be done yet.

Rajnath Singh further informed that some other issues still remain, on which further talks will continue. He said that China has been requested that both sides abide by mutual consent and agree to LAC.

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