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Former US President Donald Trump targeted the Biden administration, saying- ‘Never happened military withdrawal from the battlefield in such bad condition’



Photo of Donald Trump and Joe Biden[Instagram]
Photo of Donald Trump and Joe Biden[Instagram]

Former US President Donald Trump has criticized the Biden administration, again targeting President Joe Biden over the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. According to a leading report, Donald Trump has said that history is witness that the withdrawal of American forces from the battlefield has never happened before in such a bad condition.

According to the report, Donald Trump said that there should be a demand to withdraw America’s weapons and equipment left in Afghanistan. Because billions of dollars are spent on these devices with every American’s money. If these equipment and weapons are not returned, the US must use military force or detonate them. He further said that ‘the kind of military withdrawal, no one had thought of such foolishness’.

Photo of Donald Trump[Instagram]

Photo of Donald Trump[Instagram]

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also said that no concrete plan was made by the Biden administration for this. Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, also called it shameful, saying that the Biden administration left American citizens and Afghan allies in a place where terrorists rule. Whatever happens to them, then Joe Biden will be directly responsible for it.

Donald Trump had earlier criticized Joe Biden, calling the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan the biggest defeat in American history. The former president had said in a brief statement that this was the biggest defeat in the history of America. What Biden has done with Afghanistan is historic.

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