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Floods wreak havoc in Europe, hundreds are still missing, relief and rescue work continues

Police have informed that more than 90 people have died in the Ahrweiler county of West Germany



Photo from Unplash
Photo from Unplash

Devastating floods have engulfed many countries in Western Europe. This flood, which came after heavy rains, has caused a lot of devastation. Relief and rescue operations have been intensified as the flood water recedes. According to the report of a leading daily, houses and roads have been badly damaged due to the havoc of the floods. Hundreds of people are also missing, who are being sought.

According to the report, more than 150 people have died so far. Police have informed that more than 90 people have died in the Ahrweiler district of West Germany, which is most affected by the floods. 43 people are reported to have died in the state of Rhine-Westphalia. About 1,300 people are reported missing in these states of North Germany. Floods have also wreaked havoc in Belgium. Officials have said that water has started receding in most areas.

Photo from Unplash

Photo from Unplash

Electricity and telephone services were disrupted in many areas due to the floods. A flood-like situation is also being reported in Switzerland. The southern part of the Netherlands has also been affected by heavy flooding. Heavy rains in the Netherlands have raised the water level of many rivers. A large number of people have been shifted to safer places. The work of repairing the embankments and saving the roads is going on continuously.

It has been told in the report that scientists have blamed climate change for this catastrophic flood. Scientists have been warning for a long time that climate change increases the likelihood of heavy rains. This shows that there is a need to control carbon emissions.

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