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Chinese fighter jets seen practicing in the opposite direction of eastern Ladakh, Indian army also alert

The Indian Army is closely monitoring the practice of Chinese fighter jets



Representative Image [Instagram]
Representative Image [Instagram]

Tension continues between India and China on the Ladakh border for the last one year. China is not deterring from doing its nefarious acts on the border. According to a leading daily report, some Chinese fighter jets have been seen practicing on the opposite side of eastern Ladakh. Whose number would be about two dozen. The Indian Army is also closely monitoring the practice of Chinese fighter jets.

According to the report, this major exercise of the Chinese Air Force was done from the airbase in Beijing opposite Eastern Ladakh. About 21-22 fighter jets were involved in the fighter planes of China. This also includes China’s J-17. Which is a Chinese copy of the Sukhoi-27 fighter jet. Apart from this, some J-16 fighter jets were also seen flying in the exercise.

Representative Image [Instagram]

Representative Image [Instagram]

The report further states that all these Chinese fighter aircraft remained inside their own territory during the exercise. The activities of these Chinese fighter aircraft were done from its Hotan, Kashgar and Gar Gunsar airfield airbases. These were recently upgraded so that all types of fighter aircraft can be supported from here. According to defense sources, India is also keeping an eye on it.

After the border dispute with China started, the Indian Air Force also regularly keeps an eye on the Ladakh border by circling Rafale fighter jets. Sources have said that China has withdrawn its forces from the Pangong Lake area but has not removed its air defense systems.

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