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White House gets back the name of Neera Tandon; Maju Varghese of Indian origin got place in Biden government, read the full story



Photo of Neera Tanden and Maju Varghese [Twitter]
Photo of Neera Tanden and Maju Varghese [Twitter]

In the US, the White House has withdrawn the name of Neera Tandon of Indian origin from the post of budget director. As per a leading report, President Joe Biden gave a statement that he has accepted Neera Tandon’s request, in which Neera has appealed for his withdrawal from the post of Budget Director. However, it was only after the withdrawal of Neera that Maju Varghese of Indian origin got a place in Joe Biden’s administration.

Neera has been in opposition ever since she was nominated for budget director at the White House. Due to this, the tweets and comments made by Neera on social media are being considered. The dispute was already going on. Republican lawmakers as well as members of Biden’s Democratic Party announced a vote against Neera. It is believed that Neera Tandon’s name has been withdrawn to avoid internal controversy.

Photo of Neera Tanden[Twitter]

Photo of Neera Tanden[Twitter]

Maju Varghese, who joined Joe Biden’s cabinet as a new entry, has been appointed as deputy assistant to Joe Biden. Not only this, Maju will also take over as the director of the White House Military Office (WHMO). Maju is associated with the state of Kerala in India. Her parents moved from Kerala to live in America.

The announcement of the appointment of Maju Varghese after the withdrawal of Neera Tandon’s name proved that people of Indian origin continue to hold importance in the new US administration. Maju Varghese, a lawyer by profession, has also worked in the White House between 2015 and 2017. He then took care of the facilities of the working class, monitoring the budget and major programs.

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