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Forbes list newcomer VCs of the 2021

The money invested in startup companies is known as venture capital and investors are called venture capitalists. Venture capital investment is done when a venture capitalist buys shares of such companies and becomes a financial partner in its business



Photo from Unplash
Photo from Unplash

Startup companies need a certain amount of investment, which they get from the capitalists, to develop their business and meet the development related goals. Investors prefer to invest their capital in businesses keeping in mind the long term growth.

The money invested in startup companies is known as venture capital and investors are called venture capitalists. Venture capital investment is done when a venture capitalist buys shares of such companies and becomes a financial partner in its business. Venture capitalist investing is also referred to as risk capital, as it involves the risk of losing the investment if the business is not successful and may take longer for the investment to flourish.

Photo from Unplash

Photo from Unplash

Many new startups have started in the new era. Simultaneously, the number of new venture capitalists (VCs) willing to invest in these startups has also increased. In the list of ‘The Midas List 2021’ of the famous magazine and web portal Forbes, many such venture capitalists have made it for the first time, who have recently achieved tremendous success in the field of investment. In this article, we are going to give you information about 10 such top newcomer Venture Capitalists (VCs) who have played a vital role in giving a new direction to the new age startups.

Mike Speiss

Mike Speiser’s name is very important among newcomer venture capitalists. He is a managing partner at venture capital firm Sutter Hill Ventures, which he joined in 2008. Mike Speiser made an early investment in Snowflake and served as its founding CEO from 2012 to 2014. He has become a billionaire after the company went public in the year 2020. He has a 2% stake in this startup. Apart from this, he has invested in many other startups.

Pejman Nozad
Pejman Nozad, Founding Managing Partner of Pear VC, has amassed a portfolio of around $50 billion. Pejman also ranks well on The Midas List as a new-waist VC. His most notable deal as an investor was DoorDash. He was an investor in its seed round. In 2014, Pejman was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, which celebrates American citizens who give back to their communities while maintaining a connection with their ethnic heritage.


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Santi Subotovsky
Santi Subotovsky invested in the video-communication platform Zoom in 2015. This startup went public in the year 2019 and its valuation increased during the Corona epidemic. Santi Subotovsky is currently an investor in Zoom as well as Openpath Security, Clearbanc, CrunchBase and High Alpha.

Mar Hershenson
Mar Hershenson’s name is also very important in the list of newcomer venture capitalists. She made her Pear VC debut with Pejman Nozad. She also has a stake in DoorDash as well as Guardant Health. Mar Hershenson founded three startups at Stanford for almost a decade and also studied engineering.


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Saar Gur
Saar Gur made it to the list of new-comer venture capitalists this year thanks to his investment in food delivery company DoorDash. He also invested in the smart home company Ring Par in the year 2013. Saar Gur is also an investor in many fast growing tech startups like Gur Patreon.

Keith Rabois
Keith Rabois is also a co-founder of the online home marketplace Opendoor, which went public through a SPAC in the year 2020. He is a general partner in Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund and has also held key roles in companies including LinkedIn, PayPal and Square.

Jing Hong
Jing Hong has invested in companies such as e-commerce giant Alibaba, online-to-offline business Meituan and vehicle-for-hire outfit Didi. The firm also has investments in Uzen, the largest provider of WeChat stores in mainland China. Jing Hong is also a founding partner of Gaocheng Capital.

Photo from Unplash

Photo from Unplash

Carl Eschenbach
Carl Eschenbach has a partnership with Snowflake, a cloud computing company. He co-led Sequoia’s investment in the firm and sits on its board. He is also an investor in Zoom, Workday, Aurora and UiPath. Carl Eschenbach was the chief operating officer of cloud software company VMware before becoming a venture capitalist.

Kevin Wang
Kevin Wang led a $45 million investment in Snowflake, a cloud data platform, in 2015. He is a partner of Altimeter Capital. He has also invested in cloud communications company Twilio and in identity management arm Okta.

Meyer Malka
Meyer Malka, who founded the venture capital firm Ribbit Capital in 2012, has invested in Ribbit as well as several other fintech startups, in which he found immense success. Meyer Malka’s portfolio includes startups like Unicorn Brex, Nubank, Robinhood and Credit Karma.

The venture capitalists invest in startup companies knowing that there is a significant risk associated with the company’s future profits and cash flows. Capital is invested in the business rather than given as a loan in return for an equity share.

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