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New drone rules issued by the central government, these approvals will no longer be needed, know the fine for breaking rules



Photo from Unplash
Photo from Unplash

The central government has issued new rules for flying drones today. The Ministry of Civil Aviation has presented its new policy after suggestions from government agencies and the general public. The new Drone Rules 2021 passed by the Ministry of Civil Aviation will replace the existing Unmanned Aircraft System Rules. The Central Government has given this information by issuing a notification.

The central government had sought objections and suggestions from stakeholders and industry till August 5 regarding the new drone rules. The new rules were lauded by the stakeholders for easing the procedures for operating drones in the country. The central government has made some important changes in this policy for the purpose of collecting the suggestions of the common people.

As per the new rules, multiple clearances will no longer be required. These include Unique Authorization Number, Unique Prototype Identification Number, Consent Certificate, Maintenance Certificate, Operator Permit, Research and Development Institute Approval, Remote Pilot License for Trainee, Remote Pilot Instructor Approval, Approval for import of drone parts.

Photo from Unplash

Photo from Unplash


Under the new Drone Rules 2021, the maximum penalty for breaking any rule has been increased to Rs 1 lakh. However, there may be separate fines for violations of the laws of other regions. According to the new rules, drones that can lift up to 500 kg are now included. In the case of airport parameters, the Yellow Zone has been reduced from 45 km to 12 km. Drone school approval required for drone training and examinations. For this, help will be given from DGCA and along with monitoring of drone schools, there will be facility to give pilot license online.

In the new rules, the number of forms/clearances for drones has also been reduced from 25 to 5. Along with this the fees for approval are also very less. Pilot license is no longer required to operate nano drones and micro drones for non-commercial use. The import of drones will be controlled by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT).

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