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Virgin Galactic will make space travel with the space ‘VSS Imagine’, will have to spend these many crores for the journey



Photo shared by Richard Branson [Twitter]
Photo shared by Richard Branson [Twitter]

Like the spacecraft Dragon capsule created by the famous businessman Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX, now for space travel, industrialist Richard Branson’s company Virgin Galactic has created a spaceship named ‘VSS Imagine’. Richard Branson has also shared information related to this spaceship on social media. Prior to this, ‘VSS Unity’ has also been created by Virgin Galactic. With these two, the company will make space travel available to those who want to take a trip to space.

Industrialist Richard Branson has shared information related to ‘VSS Imagine’ by sharing a video. It is a third-generation space. Virgin Galactic has introduced this space in silver color. According to the company, compared to other spaceships, the maintenance of this space will be less and the expenses on space travel will be reduced.


There is a special reason for the company to give silver color to the spaceship. According to a leading daily report, the shadow of the spaceship can be seen on the earth as well as its brightness can also be seen from the earth. At the same time, even after being hundreds of kilometers away from the earth, it will appear as a shiny thing. Travelers will also be able to enjoy the beautiful views of the earth with this space.

The report further states that those traveling in space with this spaceship will have to spend 2.5 million dollars per seat. The company has set this price. If we talk according to Indian rupees then it will cost around 2 crores rupees. The company is preparing another spaceship, which will be named as ‘VSS Inspire’ (spaceship-3).

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