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Is ‘Right to freedom better than Equality’ for women’s empowerment?



Photo from Unplash
Photo from Unplash

The struggle to bring equality to women in modern society is getting older. Today the women class has made progress in many areas which is commendable. But at the same time a new question is being born whether equality is greater than freedom? Is it really that society wants women to stand up equally with men or is there also social dominance that is tying a class on the basis of equality. If considered, demanding equality is a symptom of being weak because the strong side will always want independence.

The right to work with equality means the female class or any other class that seeks equality. He is not independent, his origin depends on someone else and he simply wants to be equal to another class. That is, if a woman is allowed to do the same thing as a man, then we see a change in it. But actually it can happen that this change is happening only under increasing pressure?

Photo from Unplash

Photo from Unplash

Freedom is better than equality, or rather it is better. Because if a woman or any other weaker section who is given freedom in place of equality is not assessed by the orthodox dignities of the society, she is not compelled to answer any question, then she can work better .

Photo from Unplash

Photo from Unplash

Equality can also lead to mutual conflict. But freedom creates respect for each other. Equality can give you respect, but freedom also brings glory with respect. The independent class can take its own decisions. You can choose your base and your own style, but in equality, we can only match the drawn parallel lines of society. We cannot draw our own line.

When India was under the British rule, there were some conflicts when Indians had fought with the British in the country, the result was a disgrace but when this struggle was for independence, we managed to make our own rules in our country. Happened. In the same way, trying to equate to someone shows that you do not want to go beyond him. In fact, an independent class can make the best of itself, but the class which becomes based on equality is constantly engaged in struggle and competition. He cannot even think of building himself, so the time has come that we should now think about the freedom of the particular class. So that all of them can develop their own.

(Transcripted by- Priyansi Singh)

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