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Union government is ready for further interaction with farmers’ organizations, Agriculture Minister said- ‘Discuss with us’



Picture of Narendra Singh Tomar[Twitter]
Picture of Narendra Singh Tomar[Twitter]

In the midst of the ongoing agitation against the new agricultural laws, there have been indications from the Central Government to resume dialogue with the farmers’ organizations. Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar has said in his statement that the government has held 11 times of talks with farmer organizations so far. The government is ready for further talks.

The Agriculture Minister said that many farmers’ organizations and economists are supporting the three new agricultural laws, but some farmers are opposing them. He said, ‘We offered to discuss the problematic parts and make changes to them. Which was not accepted by the farmer unions and did not give reasons. The movement continues when the government is not ready for talks or when the Sangh does not get a favorable response. But here the unions have decided to continue it anyway ‘.



The Agriculture Minister further said that ‘I had several times urged union leaders to ask children and old people to return home in view of Corona. Now that the second wave of Corona has begun, farmers and their unions must follow the Corona Protocol. They should suspend the protest and discuss it with us.

These laws committee has been appointed by the Supreme Court to study all three new agricultural laws. Which has also submitted its report to the Supreme Court. The farmers’ organizations opposing the agricultural laws are demanding that the movement will continue till the government withdraws the guarantee on MSP and all three agricultural laws.

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