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Foreign Minister raised the issue of racism in this foreign university in Parliament, said this



Picture shared by ANI [Twitter]
Picture shared by ANI [Twitter]

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has raised the issue of problems faced by the Indian community living abroad and especially the Indian students in both houses of Parliament today. In the Rajya Sabha, S. Jaishankar spoke on the issue of racism at Oxford University and in the Lok Sabha also expressed concern over the welfare of Indian students studying in other countries.

The External Affairs Minister said in the Lok Sabha that the subject of the welfare of our students studying in other countries has been a matter of concern for all of us. Instructions have been given to our embassies all over the world to reach out to students and keep a close watch on their circumstances’. He further stated that he was also asked to assist the students in their return to India ‘.


Earlier, while addressing the Rajya Sabha, S Jaishankar raised the issue of racism at Oxford University and said that ‘we as people of Mahatma Gandhi’s country cannot stand eyes on the issue of racism. Especially in the country where there is a large Indian community. India’s relations with Britain are extremely strong ‘. The External Affairs Minister further said that India would take up this issue with Britain if needed.

It goes on to say that the Foreign Minister, while speaking in the House on the issue of the welfare of the Indian community and students living in other countries during the Corona pandemic, also shared information related to it.

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