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Suspected Yogesh of viral video caught on the Kundali border, reversing the statement – ‘Farmers forcefully summoned lies’



Screen Shot from viral video [Twitter]
Screen Shot from viral video [Twitter]

On 26 January on social media, a young man wearing a mask created a sensation in Delhi claiming a big mess and killing of farmer leaders. But now this story has changed dramatically. The police have arrested the young man. Whose name is Yogesh. The police are constantly questioning him. Yogesh says that he has made this sensational statement under the pressure of farmer leaders.

As per the latest report by a leading news portal, the young man is about 19 years old. Yogesh gave his statement in front of the press, telling his age 24 and then 21. The report states that Yogesh hails from Sonipat district in Haryana. The police of Sonipat are constantly questioning Yogesh. Seeing the seriousness of the case, the administration has also deployed police teams.

Accused Yogesh reversed his statement by releasing a video after the statement made in front of the press. In it, the young man said that under pressure from the farmers, he told a false story in front of journalists. Yogesh, describing himself as a failure of the 9th brief, said that the farmers forcibly took him to the camp and beat him and then made him drunk and told him that he would have to give what he said.

It is further being told in the media reports that he is being questioned by the police in the lead of Sonipat DSP Hansraj. Yogesh says that he has also been intimidated. Then he was beaten overnight by being taken in his tent and the farmer leaders threatened to kill him in case he doesn’t act according to them. According to reports, the police also found photographs of farmer leaders in Yogesh’s phone.

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