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Relief news for Indian IT professionals, ban ends on H-1B visa in America



Photo of Donald Trump[Instagram]
Photo from Unplash

US President Joe Biden today allowed the expiration of restrictions on H-1B visas and visas for foreign workers. According to a leading daily report, the notification regarding the H-1B visa issued by former US President Donald Trump has ended. Indian diaspora and professionals will also get big benefits from this.

Donald Trump last year barred applicants from various temporary or non-migrant visa categories, including the H-1B, from entering the United States. He took this step, saying that it poses risks to economic activity and to the US labor market. He later extended the notification to 31 March 2021.

Photo of Donald Trump[Instagram]

Photo of Donald Trump[Instagram]

Now President Joe Biden has not carried forward the former President’s notification. Biden had previously criticized Trump’s immigration policies, calling it cruel. Explain that H-1B visas allow US companies to appoint foreign professionals for certain businesses. Which requires theoretical and technical expertise.

A large number of IT professionals in the US and Indian students are the largest in American universities. There are thousands of Indian students in American universities for degrees in science, engineering, mathematics and technology.

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