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Know what the WHO report says about the origin of Corona, told less possibility of this reason



Representative Image [Instagram] and Photo from Unplash
Representative Image [Instagram] and Photo from Unplash

The entire world has been troubling for the past one year due to the Corona pandemic. This month has made a profound impact in the lives of people in every way. The world is very keen to know how the virus that troubles everyone has reached humans. The World Health Organization (WHO) report states that the origin of Covid-19 states that it may have reached humans via bats from other animals.

According to a leading daily report, the WHO team, which visited China to find out the origin of the coronavirus, says that there is little chance of the infection spreading from a lab to people. It has been reported in the report that the team has proposed an investigation on all other aspects except the aspect of the virus leaking from the lab for further investigation.

Photo from Unplash

Photo from Unplash

This information has been given in the draft report of the team received by news agency AP. The AP has, however, received this report from a diplomat of the WHO member country. But it has not been clear whether there will be any change before releasing this report. However, the diplomat described it as the final edition of the WHO report.

The reasons for the delay in the release of the investigation report by the WHO are not yet clear. Due to this delay, questions are also being raised whether the Chinese administration is trying to influence the conclusion of the investigation. However, a WHO official said last week that the investigation team’s report is expected to be released in the next few days.


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