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Indians primacy in America, praising Indians Joe Biden said- ‘Indians are dominating the country’



Photo of Joe Biden[Twitter]
Indians have made a deep impression in the US

Indians have left a deep impression in the US. The most evident of which is the newly elected Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris, whose achievement is a matter of pride for India. Not only this, more than 50 people of Indian community have been appointed to important positions in the administration of President Joe Biden. Biden also acknowledged the influence of the genius of the Indians in America.

As per a leading daily report, President Joe Biden said during an interaction with NASA scientists involved in a mission to land a ‘Perceiverrence’ rover on the surface of Mars that ‘Indians are in the country’. Biden told scientist Swati Mohan, ‘You, Vice President Kamala Harris and Vinay Reddy, who wrote my speech, are all Indians.’


Picture of Swati Mohan shared by users [Twitter]

Picture of Swati Mohan shared by users [Twitter]

Biden further said that women constitute half of the Indian diaspora appointed to important posts in the administration of the country. She is working in the White House ‘. Along with congratulating the team that launched the rover in Mars, the US President said that the rover increased America’s confidence at a time when the country’s image has been severely damaged due to the pandemic.

Explain that Swati Mohan has led the guidelines, direction and control mission in the mission to take off the rover on Mars. The way Biden praised the Indians while addressing this team, it is clear that people of Indian origin have enhanced India’s pride with their talent in America.

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