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NITI Aayog’s Deputy Chairman spoken openly on unemployment, told, this way employment will be boosted 



Photo of Rajiv Kumar [Twitter]
Photo of Rajiv Kumar [Twitter]

The country is facing a lot of trouble for the youth due to the rising unemployment rate in India. The economy of the country has also been affected by the Corona pandemic. The closed market during the lockdown of the jobs sector or business has caused a big hit of the recession on both sides. The rising inflation has made the situation bad to worse. In such a situation, the question is arising in everyone’s mind that when will the youth of India get relief from unemployment.

The government is also facing criticism due to rising unemployment. Meanwhile, the head of NITI Aayog, Dr. Rajiv Kumar has spoken openly on the issue of unemployment during an interview. As per the leading daily report, Dr. Rajiv Kumar said in an interview that this is a problem that can never be solved by any government. Because employment is linked to the economy with your rate of growth and investment. He further said that till it does not improve, it is not possible to fix the employment situation.

Representative Image [Instagram]

Representative Image [Instagram]

He further said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has often said that those who are private sector and those who are private investors are expected to take initiative and encourage investment in employment generation.

Dr. Rajiv Kumar said that the government is ready to do everything it needs to do to increase investment in employment generation. On the question of doing something for the employment related problem of children coming out of education sector, Rajiv Kumar said that the government can provide maximum facilities like unemployment benefits or allowance. But this will not increase employment. He clarified that there is no temporary solution to this problem.

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