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This can cause a sudden drought in India; Research claims



Photo from Unplash
Photo from Unplash

Research conducted by researchers at IIT Gandhinagar has come to a shocking point. As per which India may face a situation of rapid drought in the future due to climate change. This study by IIT Gandhinagar claimed that increasing intensity of drought would negatively impact the production of crops.

This research has said that the demand for irrigation in the fields will be high due to the increasing problem of drought. Which will put pressure on groundwater. According to the researchers, this will lead to a rapid decline in soil moisture and the problem of sudden drought will increase. This sudden drought can affect a larger area in just two-three weeks than a traditional drought.

Photo from Unplash

Photo from Unplash

Such a situation will have a very bad effect on crops. This study, published in the NPJ Climate Journal, explores the role of human-caused climate change on drought. Vimal Mishra, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, IIT Gandhinagar, said on the subject that ‘We have found in research that there has been a sudden drought situation in India due to delayed monsoon. Due to which sudden drought in the future may accelerate.

According to a leading daily report, researchers used climate estimates and soil samples collected by the Indian Meteorological Department in this study. This research also revealed that the worst drought occurred in the year 1979. Then 40 percent of India was affected.

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