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The impact of Corona on Republic Day celebrations, these many people will be able to see the celebration with the change in the route of the parade



Photo shared by ANI [Twitter]
Photo shared by ANI [Twitter]

India’s 72nd Republic Day is coming to a close. Preparations for this national festival have also started. But this time the celebration of January 26 will see the impact of the corona pandemic. In view of Corona, some important changes are being made in the celebration of Republic Day. Under which the length of the parade of 26 January has been shortened.

Major General Alok Kakar told the media that the route of the parade has been shortened. Its length was 8.2 km earlier. This parade used to go from Vijay Chowk to the Red Fort but now it will go only 3.3 kilometers. Apart from this, the number of visitors to the function will be less. Every time this number was more than 1 lakh. But this time only 25 thousand people will be able to see the celebration.

Social distancing and masking will be mandatory in Republic Day celebrations. Children under 15 years of age will not be allowed to participate in the parade. That the Rafale aircraft that came to India recently will be seen flying in the parade to be held this year on the 72nd Republic Day. Apart from Rafale aircraft, Sukhoi and Mig aircraft will also join the flypast and increase the pride of the country. According to the information, 38 Air Force aircraft and four Army aircraft will display their valor in this ceremony.

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