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Antibodies against corona were found in two-thirds of the people in the fourth sero survey, this percentage of the population is still at risk of infection

In view of this, people have been asked to avoid unnecessary travel and strictly follow the corona protocol



Picture shared by ANI [Twitter]
Picture shared by ANI [Twitter]

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has shared the information of the 4th National Sero Survey. According to the sero survey, antibodies against corona have been formed in two out of every three people in the country. The importance of corona vaccination has also been seen in the sero survey. According to the survey, only 62.3 percent antibodies were found in those who did not get the vaccine, 81 percent of those who got one dose of vaccine and 89.9 percent of people who took both doses of corona vaccine.

It has also been revealed in the sero survey that there are 33 percent i.e. about 40 crore such people in the country. In which antibodies to corona have not been found and these people are at risk of getting infected with coronavirus. In view of this, people have been asked to avoid unnecessary travel and strictly follow the corona protocol.


ICMR DG Dr. Balram Bhargava has said that despite the formation of antibodies in two-thirds of the population, there is a large number which can be easily infected and can also become the reason for the third wave of the corona. Dr. Bhargava said that the situation of corona infection is different in the districts of different states of the country. That is why the states have been advised to conduct a sero survey at the local level to find out the correct situation and make a strategy to control the corona infection accordingly.

Dr. Bhargava further informed that the fourth round of sero survey was conducted in June-July in 70 districts and children of 6-17 years were also involved in it. In the survey, antibodies have been found in 69.6 percent of people living in urban areas and 66.7 percent of those living in rural areas. NITI Aayog member Dr. VK Pal also said that it has become clear from the sero survey that apart from infection, herd immunity against corona can also be developed through vaccination.

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