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Russia approves use of single-dose vaccine ‘Sputnik Light’ to prevent corona, know its efficiency



Representative Image [Instagram]
Representative Image [Instagram]

Russia has prepared another vaccine against Corona. According to a leading news agency report, Russia has allowed the use of the single-dose vaccine ‘Sputnik Light’. Russia’s health officials have informed about this today. The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), which provides financial assistance to produce this vaccine, has also explained its impact.

RDIF reported that ‘Sputnik Lite’ showed 79.4% efficacy compared to the ‘Sputnik-V’ vaccine. The two-dose ‘Sputnik-V’ has an efficacy of 91.6 percent. RDIF Chief Executive Kirill Dimitriv has claimed the ‘Sputnik Light’ significantly reduces the likelihood of serious cases of vaccine hospitalization.


Kirill Dimitriva has also claimed that ‘Sputnik Light’ has proved to be effective against all the new variants of Corona as well. It is believed that ‘Sputnik Light’ will accelerate vaccination and it will help in controlling the pandemic. RDIF has stated that the price of this single dose vaccine is also less than $ 10 i.e. around Rs 737.

Let us tell you that the Russian vaccine ‘Sputnik Light’ has been developed by Moscow’s Gamalaya Research Institute. This is the light version of Sputnik-V. Talking about Sputnik-V, more than 60 countries around the world have approved its use. The first batch of 1.5 million doses of Sputnik-V in India have also reached India last week.

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