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CDS Bipin Rawat meets Prime Minister Modi, reviewed Army preparations in the battle with Corona



Picture shared by ANI [Twitter]
Picture shared by ANI [Twitter]

Every necessary step is being taken continuously by the Central Government to stop the second wave of the Corona pandemic. In the same sequence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has met India’s Chief of Defense Staff General (CDS) Bipin Rawat. Bipin Rawat along with PM has reviewed the actions and preparations initiated by the army to deal with this pandemic.

According to the information released by the Prime Minister’s Office, Prime Minister Modi has been told by CDS Rawat that the medical officers who have already retired prematurely from the army in the last one or two years have also been summoned to serve in the Corona Center near their current residence. being done. Apart from this, other retired medical officers of the army have also been requested to provide counseling services through the emergency helpline.


The Prime Minister’s Office said that retired medical officers have been requested to be available to provide services. Apart from this, CDS Rawat has also told Prime Minister Modi that in addition to all the medical officers of the Command Headquarters of the Army, the deployment of all Medical Officers of Corps Headquarters, Division Headquarters and similar Headquarters of Air Force and Navy have also been posted in Hospitals. . In the plow, India’s Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has also asked the Army to provide facilities for the treatment of common citizens in military, cant and DRDO hospitals.

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