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Corona: Government approves doubling the production of Remdesivir drug, ban on exports has also been imposed



Representative Image [Instagram]
Representative Image [Instagram]

In view of the shortage of Remdesivir drug being used in the treatment of Coronavirus, the Central Government has taken major steps and has now approved to double its production after banning the export of Remdesivir drug. In view of the uncontrollable situation of the second wave of Corona in the country, the government has started working rapidly to ensure the availability of this medicine.

According to a leading daily report, the government held meetings with drug makers on Monday and Tuesday, keeping in mind the shortage of Remdesivir. At present, seven pharmaceutical manufacturers in the country produce a total of 38.8 lakh doses of Remedesivir per month. According to the information given by the government, additional production of 30 lakh doses is also being arranged.

Representative Image [Instagram]

Representative Image [Instagram]

The Government of India had completely banned the export of Remdesivir on Sunday. This has increased the availability of four lakh doses of the drug every month in the country. Along with this, Chemicals and Fertilizers Minister Mansukh Mandavia has also given immediate approval to the pharmaceutical companies to make 10 lakh vials of Remdesivir every month. Due to which the production of Remedisvir drug in the country will be 78 lakh doses per month.

The central government has asked the producers of Remdesivir to take it to hospitals instead of supplying it in the open market. It has also asked to ensure immediate strict action against black marketing and hoarding of Remdesivir. Also, the Union Minister has said that the companies producing Remdesivir have also been requested to reduce the price of the drug.

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