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Corona virus on the verge of ending in India? Know what the latest report says



Photo shared by Ministry of Health[Twitter]
Photo shared by Ministry of Health[Twitter]

On one hand, the corona vaccination campaign has started all over India. On the other hand, a decrease is also being reported in corona cases. Due to which it seems that now this pandemic will leave India soon. The Health Ministry has shared the positive news with the entire nation by holding a press conference on 19 January 2020. As per which, after seven months, the country is now under control on this virus.

The Ministry of Health told the press conference that the number of active cases of corona in India has reached around 2 lakhs. This situation comes after seven months. At the same time, after a long gap of 8 months, the death toll has decreased. Now the number of deaths has come down to 140 every day. The ministry said that now only Maharashtra and Kerala states have more than 50000 active cases. While other states are registering a decline in new cases. Today, around 10,000 cases have been reported in the country.

The Ministry of Health has also shared information about vaccination. Of which only 0.18 percent people have been affected adversely in corona vaccination. This effect is also very less. Only 0.002 percent of these people had to admit in the hospital. The ministry further stated that vaccination will soon pick up.

Photo from Unplash

Photo from Unplash

On the other hand, NITI Aayog assured that after looking at the data, it is clear that the vaccine is completely safe. That’s why people should stop hesitating to get vaccinated, otherwise, how will we defeat the pandemic. NITI Aayog further said that by not doing so, we are leaving our social responsibility incomplete. A total of 454049 people have been vaccinated under the corona vaccination campaign.

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