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Britain is gearing up to tackle with Corona; Moderna’s vaccine also approved, will buy such a dose



Photo of Boris Johnson [Prime Minister of the United Kingdom/Instagram]
Photo of Boris Johnson [Prime Minister of the United Kingdom/Instagram]

The situation in the UK remains continuously critical due to the new strain of the coronavirus. The UK administration is constantly trying to tackle this problem. The United Kingdom drug regulator has approved Moderna’s Covid vaccine to prevent corona. Moderna becomes the third vaccine to be approved in Britain.

As per media reports, the UK has decided to buy about 17 million doses of Moderna. The government there has also ordered 7 million doses of the vaccine. Reports state that Moderna’s vaccine has been approved for use on the basis of clinical trials conducted over several months regarding safety, quality and efficacy. Britain’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock has depicted it as a weapon against the corona pandemic.

Representative Image [Instagram]

Representative Image [Instagram]

As per the latest information, Moderna’s vaccine will not be available for the next few weeks. It has been tested on more than 30 thousand people. During the vaccine testing, 95 percent of safe results have been shown. This vaccine can also be stored at temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius, just like Pfizer and BioNotech vaccines.

Britain has approved the use of American vaccine, Pfizer and Germany’s BioNotech first before Moderna. Britain is gearing up to stop the virus. Britain is also the first country to approve the emergency use of Pfizer’s vaccine. However, Moderna’s vaccine has already been approved for use by the European Union.

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