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Byju’s will expand globally with one-to-one learning platform, will launch in these countries



Representative Image [Instagram]
Representative Image [Instagram]

India’s popular online tuition firm Byju’s is moving towards its global expansion. The company is moving towards international markets with a one-to-one learning platform ‘Byju’s Future School’. The company has announced that it will launch a one-to-one learning platform in the US, UK, Australia, Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico by the month of May. With this, there are plans to expand to more countries in the near future.

Byju’s global expansion will be led by Karan Bajaj, co-founder and CEO of Whitehat Jr. The same company acquired Byju’s in August 2020. One-to-one learning platform by Byju’s will provide virtual classes on coding and maths in both synchronous and asynchronous formats to children aged between 6-18 years during the launch.

Representative Image [Instagram]

Representative Image [Instagram]

The company has said that the platform is working on subjects such as science, music, English and fine arts. The coding course will also be available in Spanish and Portuguese in markets such as Brazil and Mexico. According to a web portal report, this start could open up additional revenue streams for the company which is close to raising about $ 600-700 million from new and existing investors.

Talking about the revenue of the company, FY 2020 Byju’s has claimed to touch the revenue figure of Rs 2,800 crore. However, the company has yet to file its financial statement for FY 2020 with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs or MCA.

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