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Amidst these speculations, Facebook released an important statement, saying – ‘We will follow the IT rules of India’

Facebook has said that it will abide by the provisions of the IT rules of India



Photo from Unplash
Photo from Unplash

With the deadline for social media companies to follow the rules set for India, they are being speculated to be banned on social media itself. Users are constantly tweeting about this issue on Twitter. Amidst these speculations, the social platform Facebook has issued an important statement. In which Facebook has said that it will abide by the provisions of the IT rules of India.

A Facebook spokesperson said, ‘Our goal is to follow the provisions of the IT rules and continue to discuss some issues that require greater engagement with the government. As per IT regulations, we are working to implement operational processes and improve efficiency ‘.



The Government of India had instructed the social media companies to follow certain rules in the month of February this year. For which these companies were given a deadline of three months. But till now those rules have not been followed by these companies and the three-month deadline is being met tomorrow i.e. May 26. Due to which it is being speculated that the service of social platforms may be stopped in the country.

Talking about the new rules, now in India, media companies will also have to deploy Nodal Officer, Resident Greaves Officer. Offensive material must be removed within 36 hours following a government directive or legal order. Also, companies associated with social platforms have to have a grievance redressal mechanism. In which they will have to deploy officers to resolve the grievances. The complaint will be registered in 24 hours and the complaint will have to be resolved in 15 days.

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