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Budget 2021: The growth plan for India



Photo from Unplash
Photo from Unplash

In formal words budget means a one-year plan of government to run the country but in the broader way, it’s a growth step towards the development of the country. In the Budget speech of 2021, the financial Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s main focus was on 6 things 1. Health care 2. Physical and financial capital and infrastructure 3. inclusive development for aspirational India 4. reinvigorating human capital 5. innovation and R&D and, 6. minimum government and maximum governance. The global pandemic Corona has kept the big challenge for policymakers where the economy was already in the slow lane. But, the budget shows that even after the hurdle government has taken the historical step when everyone had negative assumptions for the budget.

The Indian government has laid the foundation of uplifting the economy by investing the amount in infrastructure, healthcare and manufacturing. Which can be the key to generating demand and drive employment generation. Setting up a bad bank is also an appreciable step towards the economy which can help banks to clean up their balance sheet. Also, the opening of a university in Ladakh will be a great step for accessible higher education. Allocation of 30,757 crore budget for the development of Jammu and Kashmir including the setting up of gas pipeline is also the praiseworthy step after revoking the special status under act 370.

Photo of Nirmala Sitharaman shared by ANI [Twitter]

Photo of Nirmala Sitharaman shared by ANI [Twitter]

While coming to the conclusion as the government has focused on each and every area where growth is required the key will be the execution of plans because to get the economy back to its feet post-pandemic it’s required to execute all the plan of development then only India can really be an ‘Aatma-Nirbhar Bharat’.

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